Beach Dog Grooming for Your Dog’s Every Need!

Do you have a dog with grooming needs?  He or she can be taken care of right her in Pawnee!  Jennifer Stewart has been in business with Beach Dog Grooming at 528 Douglas, right off the Pawnee Square for eight years now.  “I opened in August of 2012,” Jennifer said.

Beach Dog Grooming was the result of years of experience.  “I worked at Pet Smart for 10 years, and prior to that at Del Acres for 14 years.”

Jennifer knew from an early age that dog grooming was the career path for her.  “My mom worked at Del Acres, and I’d help out.  By 14 or 15, I knew that’s what I wanted to do.”

After working in the industry for years, Jennifer decided to open her own shop she said, because “I didn’t like being told what to do with the dogs.”

Knowing just what the dogs needed, she said she wanted to give the dogs the attention she felt they needed.  Jennifer wanted to devote the time to the animals she felt they deserved.  Many grooming places were so busy that she added, “They hired new people all the time, and often had people that shouldn’t be grooming.”

Loving dogs as she does Jennifer said she has no fear of dogs, and because of that she said, “I have a lot of difficult dogs.”

Jennifer said one thing that sets Beach Dog Grooming apart is that they do what she termed “from start to finish”.  She explained that while many groomers require that you drop your dog off early in the morning and pick them up later, they are not that way requiring your pooch to stay in a crate for hours on end.  “We do the whole job.  We start and finish the dog all at one time.  Your dog does not have to stay here all day.  You can pick them up when they are done,” she added.

Jennifer added that Beach Dog Grooming also offers weekend and night service as well. 

When asked how she came up with the name Beach Dog she said, “I came up with Beach Dog because I love the beach.  I knew no one would have this name in the State of Illinois.  We go to the beach as much as we can.  We go to Daytona every July.  We love Florida and will eventually move there.”

One of the first things you notice when you go into Beach Dog Grooming is that it smells good.  The décor is bright and colorful with a beach theme.  You see Jennifer hard at work across the counter most times of the day. Since September of 2019, Jennifer expanded buying the building next door.  With the added space, she also added staff bringing on a new employee Nikki.  “She works with me too she started in September of last year.”

Jennifer and Nikki accept dogs of any size although Jennifer said in the future this may have to change because large dogs can be hard on the health to handle.

They are an all-around service salon for the canine!   Beach Dog Grooming offers a variety of services. “We offer bathing, haircuts, anal glands, brushing and teeth brushing.” 

While Jennifer is not taking on any new clients right now, she added that Nikki is.  Beach dog only services dogs.  Nikki has a few cats that she takes care of from previous clients, but she is not accepting new cats.

When asked if she had any advice for caring for canines at home, Jennifer had a few tips.  “Make sure to keep brushing and combing your dog.  The combs get down in there.  Most clients get it,” she said.

Before bringing your dog to Beach Dog Grooming be sure that all your dog’s vaccinations are up to date. 

Pawnee has been a great location for Beach Dog Grooming.  Jennifer is not originally from the area but said she and her husband Roger and three kids moved here to Pawnee nineteen years ago.  “We like it here,” she added.

Jennifer doesn’t have to advertise, her business has grown by word of mouth. To find out more about Beach Dog Grooming, you can call (217) 381-8035 or check them out on Facebook at (4) Beachdog grooming | Facebook.