Below are some commonly asked questions. If your question does not appear below please feel free to contact us at the Village Utility Office (217)625-2941.

I am putting up a fence. Do I need a building permit?
You must have a building permit for most structures, structural changes, or fence construction. Permit Applications can be found here. You must call J.U.L.I.E. to have your utilities located before doing any digging. J.U.L.I.E. is a free locator service and can be reached at 1-800-892-0123 or the easy to remember 8-1-1.

Is there a leash law in Pawnee?
There is a leash law. Domesticated animals, including but not limited to dogs, shall not run at large within the village limits. The village has a contract with Sangamon County Animal Control to pick up dogs and some other animals at large. If your animal is picked up, there will be a fine to retrieve it.

Am I allowed to burn yard waste on my property?
Village ordinances allow for open burning of yard waste, on resident properties within village limits, from dawn to dusk on Even Days of the week.

When is my utility bill payment due?
Utility bills are due no later than the 12th of each month. The Village Office has a drop box for your convenience located to the right of the entrance to Village Hall.

Who do I call if I am having sewer problems?
If you have a sewer problem (backing up, etc.) call the Village and we will check to see if it is a Village problem or the homeowners. The village will assist you in determining the problem. However, the property owner is responsible for maintenance and repair of the service line.

Can I have chickens?
Village ordinances do not allow the keeping of livestock (including chickens) within village limits.