Bills & Payments


All regular bills are mailed via USPS thelast dayof eachmonth. Customers opting for email notification will receive anemailed bill no later than the 1stof the month. This is your FirstNotice. If unable to make payment by the 12thof the month,contact the Village Office. Other payment arrangements may beavailable to you.

Contact Us to signup for email billing.

Payment Options

  1. Cash or Check Payments can be made:
    1. at the Village Office between the hours of 7:30am – 4pm, Mon-Fri
    2. placed in the drop box to the left of the utility office door 24/7
    3. mailed to the Village Office, PO BOX 560, Pawnee.
  2. Automatic Direct
    • The Village Office offers a Direct Debit Program through a Checking/Savings account. Direct Debit Enrollment sheet is available here. Each month’s billing amount will be deducted from your banking account on the 11th of each month. This is a free service.

Fee Based Payment Options

  1. Online payments can be made here. Please note there is a third-party processing fee for online payments.
  2. Debit Card/Credit Card payments can be made in the Village Office or over the phone (217/625-2941) for a processing fee.

Delinquent Accounts

Late Payments
Payments not received by the 12th of the month, will accrue a 10% penalty. This is the higher amount listed on your billing card.

Final Notice
Payments not received in a timely manner after the 12th will be mailed a Final Notice (Red Letter) and accrue an additional $10.00 fee. This is your final notice before disconnection of utilities.

Service Disconnection
If the utility bill and accrued late charges are not paid by the date listed on the Red Letter, utilities will be disconnected without further notice. A $40 Reconnect Fee will be added to the utility account balance. Full account balance must be paid to get utilities reconnected. If payment is received after 2pm, utilities will be reconnected on the next business day.