Brenda Beyers, Country Financial Representative in Pawnee By Cindy Ladage

Brenda Beyers, Country Financial Representative in Pawnee

PictureIt’s a big deal to be able to do business locally.  Brenda Beyers has been providing insurance and financial services to the Pawnee community and surrounding area for years.  “I’ve been here in this office for 20 years,” Brenda said. Most locals will recognize the office she is referring to as the revamped Dr. Gramm’s office located at 506 5th Street who ran his practice for decades!
Brenda is a transplant to the area although she is a central Illinois girl. “I was born and raised in Pana.  Before this, I was a Human Resource Director in Shelbyville, Illinois.”
Brenda and her husband Al thought they would retire in the Shelbyville area.  Their kids were in college and they had been at their jobs for years.  Then, opportunity came knocking!  Al got a great job opportunity in Auburn, Illinois and they decided to pull up stakes and move.  Job change occurred not only for Al, but for Brenda as well, and the solution came about in the strangest place!

“I was looking for a job and I ran into my former high school driver’s education teacher.  He was a manager for COUNTRY Financial.  He said, ‘Let me test you to be an agent.’  I tested and there was an opening here.  I was placed and it has been a wonderful experience,” Brenda said, amazed how the whole opportunity came about.
“Pawnee is such a unique and sweet town,” she said.  “Everyone is welcoming.” Brenda has found Pawnee to be a fun combination of Pana where she grew up and Oconee where her husband grew up, spelling brings it all together she jokes.
Working with people seems to come natural to Brenda, and working at COUNTRY Financial as a representative, she offers a variety of insurance options and financial services.
There are many advantages to working with a local agent.  “Even though the system we work with here in the office is very high tech, clients can still walk in and drop off a payment if necessary.  We can do everything online here from the office. We can discuss items face to face.”

Brenda said clients stopping by has allowed opportunities for relationships to develop over the years. When working with a local agent like Brenda, the client is not just a name on a policy, but a person that she knows, with a personal story. The Pandemic has made it a bit more challenging for that one-on-one relationship that has always been ongoing in the past.  There have been a few changes like requiring electronic signatures, and going paperless, but both Brenda and her clients have adapted.

She noticed during the Pandemic that there has been a lot more interest in life insurance.  “More people are thinking about their mortality.  I can’t encourage enough to purchase life insurance when you are young and healthy.  I also believe you should always own a policy yourself instead of depending on a policy that is work related.  Many times if your job goes away, that work related policy goes away.” Having a policy in place outside the job will reduce the risk of being without life insurance.

The Pandemic has been a time when people may be considering doing without insurance because of less currency flow, however, there are ways to reduce insurance cost that are far less risky.  Brenda recommends that everyone review their policies from time to time even in non-pandemic years.  “You may find you forgot to remove that building you tore down, or to take off that property you don’t own anymore,” she said.

Other things to consider are deductibles.  “Doing a review is the first line of defense,” Brenda said.  “What level of risk can you transfer to your insurance?  What deductible can you afford?  Can you afford a larger deductible and reduce your premium if you need to spend less?”
There are so many questions that sitting down across a table from Brenda can answer. She has the experience and the love of the job and the community behind her.  Putting all your insurance needs in one basket can also save money, Brenda added.  COUNTRY Financial offers discounts for multiple products if clients combine their insurance needs.


“I have been totally blessed to work in this community and I couldn’t ask for a better group to work with,” Brenda said about COUNTRY Financial.  She explained how they have been so supportive on assisting with claims and providing answers to questions. COUNTRY Financial is part of the Illinois Farm Bureau family and has roots in agriculture which is important to a farming community like Pawnee.  In 2025, COUNTRY Financial will be 100 years old.
Brenda Beyers office is open from 9-6 Monday – Thursday, and 8 to noon on Friday.  “I am also available by appointment beyond these hours and on Saturdays,” she shared.
Brenda is still taking clients and welcomes your calls at 217-625-8424. Her website is   Brenda S Beyers – COUNTRY Financial Representative in Pawnee, IL.