Langheim Concrete and More.

Langheim Concrete is a Pawnee mainstay. Owner Reese and Sara Langheim shared, “Our company has been around since 1973.”

Reese added that they have a motto, “Doing concrete the Langheim way since 1973”. That is just shy of 50 years in the concrete business. However, they really have been working at this for half a century because, even before his parents Bill and Kathye Langheim started the company in 1973 Reese said that his grandpa Ernie Langheim had been in the concrete business since the 1960’s just not incorporated.

Langheim Concrete’s office in Pawnee is at 304 Carroll Street, Pawnee, Illinois. This location is next to the car wash and Krekels along with the storage units they own. Reese is one of Bill and Kathey’s four children. “There is Billy, Chad, me and Rebecca. Billy is the head of the State Police, Chad passed away, he was the Superintendent of Raymond Schools before his passing in May of 2014. My sister Rebecca (Adcock) owns Face and Fringe hair Salon in Chatham.”

While Reese grew up in Pawnee, his wife Sara is from Springfield. “I exported her,” he added.
With her maiden name of Bullpitt Sara feels like she is from the area with the same name as the nearby town. There is some way back relative connection she thinks to the town. These days the two operate Langheim Concrete as well as a bevy of other businesses. Reese took over Langheim Concrete 22 years ago.

“I bought Langheim Concrete in 1999 off my dad. My boy Connor is working with me now,” Reese added. “I have three children, Connor (17), Kale (11) and Callie (4).”



While they are in Pawnee, they do travel to offer their services. This is a family business through and through. “My wife Sara works in the office and field. I’m in the field every day. I do just the concrete. We also have a rental business in Pawnee and Sara does that.”

The Langheims recently sold the concrete plant outside of Pawnee on Highway 104, however they still offer an array of concrete options. “We do house foundations and footings, and walls, both commercial and residential as well as parking lots,” Reese said.

Sara added that they also offer pours for patios, driveways, and sidewalks as well. “We also sell rock and sand too,” Reese added.

While Sara handles the day-to-day part of the rental business, Reese added that he has been in this business for quite some time. “I have been in the rental business since I was 17, and I am 43 now.”

Part of the importance of offering this business in the Pawnee area he added is that recently, “No one could find houses in Pawnee.”

The rental business is not only in Pawnee but is more widely spread through Central Illinois. “We have house rental properties in Pawnee, Auburn, Girard and Springfield.” Reese added.

The rental business operates under the umbrella of RJC Rentals which serves as a Property Management Company. Information can be found on Facebook at RJC Rentals | Facebook.

​The rental business not only multi-town, but it is also multi-state. “Recently we expanded to include Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, and Florida as well.”

“We offer from one bedroom to five-bedroom houses,” Sara added. The Langheims rent and sell properties in all three states, Illinois, Missouri, and Florida.

“We have two businesses in Florida, a boat shop and marina. We work seven days a week.”

While they work hard, the Langheims are also sun loving people. “We try to stay here, but in the winter, we go to Florida. We go where its warm.”

Florida has another draw for the Langheim family because Sara added, “We have race boats. Reese competes in the Super Stock Class and is a driver for Jack Hammer Offshore Racing. He has a 32’ Victory VTX.”

Even though they head south when the snow flies, their business is still up and running during the wintertime because Reese added, “We push snow and salt in Pawnee during the winter. I keep about ten plow drivers going.”

During COVID-19, the house rental business has been challenging and Sara has been trying to help hard hit residents by assisting them with completing grants for tenants.

The Langheims have around 90 storage units next to their office in Pawnee. The storage units Local Storage are also operated under RJC Rentals. “We have sizes ranging from 8 x 8 up to10 x 30’,” Sara said.

Besides the concrete, and rental businesses, Reese and Sara also own Pawnee Learning Center as well. “We took over the Pawnee Learning Center in March of 2016,” Sara said. “Shari Bearhinger is the Director, and she has excellent staff.”

For information about Langheim Concrete, or RJC Rentals house rental or storage units, call 217-625-7779. Generations of Langheims have been operating in the Pawnee area for years and they continue to serve the town they love.