Glenn Brother’s Garage!


Glenn Brothers Garage is located on the Pawnee Square.  Tim Glenn said that they have been in business since 2006.  “I started with Midwest Garage, then decided to do my own thig.  I started there in 1995.”

Born and raised in Pawnee, Tim and his late brother Matt started the business, and Glenn Brothers has always been located locally.  “We have been at this location since 2016.  Herbies was next door, and this building was several things over the years,” he added adding it had been a musical venue and more.

Prior to being located on the square, Tim said they were located on Divernon Road.

At Glenn Brother’s Garage, they offer a variety of services.  They install garage doors, door openers, and they service them.  “We do this for residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial doors,” Tim added.

Besides selling and installing garage doors, they also offer screens and awnings and retractable awnings too.  While all these services keep them busy, Tim said they are busiest these days with servicing mostly residential garage doors.

He finds that a lot of customers have been adding keypads to their garage entries.  “We do this a lot for customers, especially for those with kids.”



Tim said this eliminates the need for that extra key and allows kids to let themselves in easily.  Another new aspect that Tim said he finds useful is the door openers with Wi-Fi that allows doors to be opened and closed with the phone.  This can be done from remote locations and allow a service person to get into the house without giving out the code or having to stay home and unlock the door!

When asked what training he and his employees have had to go through to become garage door installers, Tim said that he is certified, and he trains his employees on the job.  Currently Tim has seven employees, but usually there are nine on staff.

“We service all of central Illinois and even service St. Louis,” Tim said about where they build garages and service them.

Besides the Pawnee location, Glenn Brothers Garage Door also has a warehouse in St. Louis as well where two of the employees work from. “We had a large contractor down there and we now have a 2nd warehouse located in St. Louis. We are servicing all those garage doors we built now,” Tim added.



When asked what he likes about the work Tim said, “I like helping people the most.  My brother and I started this business together.  I lost him last July.”

Pawnee has been a great place to work with its proximity to Springfield.  “We are just comfortable here.  It is nice being close to Springfield in Pawnee it is nice and quiet.”

Tim and his wife Stephanie are raising their two children in the Village of Pawnee. They have a son Cooper (17) who is a junior, and daughter Carleigh (13) a 7th grader. Stephanie works for the State of Illinois at the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Glenn Brother’s Garage Door is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. For more information, check out their Facebook page at (1) Glenn Brothers Garage Door Co, Inc.| Facebook or call them at 217) 625-4243.