2023/2024 Watermain Replacement: Phase 1

2023/2024 Watermain Replacement Project Update (8/1/23)


            As part of ongoing infrastructure updates, the Village of Pawnee contracted Petersburg Plumbing for a two phase watermain replacement project for FY24. This project replaces 7,550 feet of aging watermain that services 121 residential properties, the School and the Fire Department at an approximate cost of $1.8 million. Funding will consist of a combination of Village Infrastructure Reserve funds and State and Federal Grants.

Phase 1 involves 4th Street from 104 to Kay Lane, 5th Street from 104 to Sherman, all of Nelson Street and part of Harrison Street. Phase 2 involves 8th Street from Lincoln to Franklin, as well as Lincoln and Franklin from 8th Street to 10th Streets.

Phase 1 work began on 4th Street as soon as school let out in the spring.  Village officials and engineers recognized the amount of heavy use of 4th street during school and contractually required that watermain installation would be completed before school resumed in the fall. Installation on 4th street is complete, with the remainder of Phase 1 to be completed within the next 45 days.

With school set to begin August 16th, there are some street closures occurring which allow work to continue during the influx of foot and vehicle traffic.

Road Closure

Beginning August 16th, Nelson Street, Harrison Street, Sherman Street from 4th to 5th, and 5th Street from 104 to Sherman will be closed.

All School Traffic will be directed from 4th Street to Kay Layne, and then from Kay Layne to 6th Street and 7th for those needing travel south.

These closures will be in place until further notice.

These closures are not ideal, but are necessary to insure the safety of all as work continues. Thank you for your understanding as crews are doing their best to complete the work as quickly and efficiently as possible. A map of the road closures can be found below.


Road Remediation

 As pipe has been installed, rock has been placed in the trenches dug in the roads. Although these rock filled trenches are unsightly and a pain to drive over, they are unfortunately a part of the process. The rock needs time to settle, and trenches are being re-rocked as needed. While everyone would like a smooth road immediately, rock and chipping the entire road too early would be a waste of resources as settling would continue and rock and chip would need to be applied again.

Annual Village rock and chip road maintenance is scheduled for September. During this time, crews will rock and chip over the trenches in Phase 1. This will assist in the settling process and begin to ease the discomfort of driving over the unfinished road. Until September, crews will continue to fill trenches with rock as needed. In spring/early summer 2024, crews will rock and chip the entire road for all Phase 1 and Phase 2. Again, driving over rock filled trenches for several months is not ideal, but completing the roadwork in 2024 will allow ample time for settling to occur, avoid oiling roads during inclement weather, and provide the best finished product.

Phase 2 will begin as soon as Phase 1 is complete and is scheduled to take 3 months. Please look for updates as the Phases progress.

Thank you for your patience as we work through this project. The end result will be a better water system as we maintain Village utility systems for generations to come. Please contact the Village Utility Office at 217-625-2941 with any questions or concerns.

2023 Watermain Replacement Phase 1 & 2 Map